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This function is using internal battery to make sure 50% of ceiling lights, ventilation system and COP information, turns ON automatically for minimum of 2 hours in case of power failure. EPOBS function is a mandatory option on all KÖHLER elevators packages. Relying on this system helps the passengers be calm with full oxygen in the cabin alerting them of the elevator information.

The special design inverter turns the renewable energy technology into tangible power, which can match relevant power application standard requirement. The 32bits digital microprocessor in inverter of the energy renewable system has drastically improved the entire elevator performance.
Our energy regenerator adopts high speed DSP chips to monitor the power grid voltage. This product is high efficiency and has small feedback impact on the power grid. It is a product conforming to the national and industrial standards.
ARD is the safest automatic elevator evacuation device designed for Elevators. The ARD relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation.
The function works on the principle of powering and operating the Elevator Controller at rated Voltage to perform the Rescue operation. The Rescue device interfaces with the ES Drive which has a unique feature of "Low voltage DC operation" to operate the Elevator Motor with Low voltage Battery, compressing three-phase space vector modulated inverter and a state of the art high frequency battery charger with four operating modes of charging.
PCO provides faster time to call elevators in main elevator hall, using high intelligent motion detectors , calculates the passenger movements, while approaching elevator hall and calls the elevator in just no matter of time, without touching or calling from the landing operation panel. The purpose of PCO technology is to provide faster assistant to move passengers between the floors and enhances building traffic flow 15% more than normal landing operation panels.

EGMA provides real-time viewing and access for elevators just across the hall, in multiple buildings across a campus, even multiple sites across the country. EGMA’s graphical presentation and real-time connectivity provide up-to-the-minute Information and allow you to take control if needed. EGMA provide general views of multiple elevator groups, hoistway views of multiple cars within a group or detailed views of selected cars. Create “connection Sets” to display — each connection set consists of up to fifty connections to elevator. High level multi-group view.
Use EGMA high-level views to maintain a broad perspective on several groups simultaneously. Detailed single-group view. Narrow your attention to cars in a particular elevator group with a click of the mouse. Maximum safety through visibility. KÖHLER’s innovative incorporates video imaging and battery power to allow a technician to safely move the car to a landing if commercial power is lost. A car mounted camera sends video to an LCD screen in the controller. Using a button to control battery-provided brake lift power, and watching the LCD, the technician moves the car to a landing, aligning a marker on the LCD with a graphic in the hoist way to stop the car in the landing zone.

KÖHLER Destination Based Dispatching is an innovative dispatching system that enhances building traffic flow by intelligently matching passengers to elevator cars and achieving optimal efficiency.
The technology behind this system uses complex algorithms, but the passenger experience is quite simple: After selecting the desired floor on a touch screen LOP, Passengers are directed to the elevator that will take them to their destination.